Summer sports in Kaprun

Plenty of sports under the summer sun

You have many summer sports to choose from in Zell am See-Kaprun. Lake Zell is perfect for cooling off while strengthening your muscles at the same time. Morning jogging is wonderfully refreshing in summer. And if you like things a bit more extreme, why not bring along your bike and prove your skills on the Ironman champion route? You see, there are plenty of things for you to do!

Athletic hosts

Anna and Stefan Unterkofler need balance in their life. That's why they use their free time to burn off energy doing summer sports together with their children or on their own. Because they themselves are so active, they know the region like the back of their hand, meaning they have plenty of tips for your holiday including the best villages, interesting places, and summer sports highlights you shouldn't miss on your summer holiday in Kaprun. 

Thumersbach Lido

Swim, sunbathe and enjoy the summer: the Thumersbach Lido is practically made for this. Learn more about what it has to offer and what you shouldn't miss here.
Anna Unterkofler
Strandbad Thumersbach am Zeller See

Seespitz Lido

Water fun for "fish" of all ages can be found at the Seespitz Lido. Discover the many exciting things to do at this lido. To put it simply: enjoy a day of swimming at Lake Zell!
Stefan Unterkofler
Strandbad Thumersbach

Zell am See Lido

A large mini golf course and a comfortable beach make for a wonderful day at Lake Zell. The treats at the bistro are just waiting for you to enjoy them!
Anna Unterkofler
Strandbad Zeller See

Lakeside Running Path

Jogging around Lake Zell is especially beautiful. The cool lake is always next to you as you conquer the path step by step. Here you will find details and an insider's tip for this running path.
Anna Unterkofler
Laufen in Zell am See-Kaprun

Fitness Course

Shake up your running training with various other exercises: the running trail described here goes past the Kaprun fitness course – give your all at 20 stations.
Anna Unterkofler
Jogging in Zell am See Kaprun

Piesendorf Trail

Instead of the car, use your own two legs to take you to Piesendorf. The Piesendorf trail is a wonderful opportunity to do so. What makes it so special? Find out here.
Anna Unterkofler
Sport am Ufer des Zeller Sees


The Moosrunde running trail winds through the idyllic Kapruner Moos nature preserve. This is a short and easy running trail that can easily be added to for more experienced runners.
Anna Unterkofler
Klammsee in Kaprun